My Morning Cantata

My lyrical wet dreams, melodic boners, favorite jams, beats, spits, songs, etc, etc, so help me.
David Byrne & St. Vincent

—I Should Watch TV


“I Should Watch TV” - David Byrne & St. Vincent

Billie- Glass Towers

**new album drops Friday, July 5th!

BSC are absolute darlings playing disco stick to 60’s esk rock psychno triplist. Still remember when the drummer told me how they almost got kidnapped by some crazy Russians on tour. I love this & I love them.

Brooklyn Sugar Company…July 10th @ Rockwood


Still one of my most favourite music videos to watch. Just gorgeous. 

oh mandy - the spinto band

Not afraid - Lost in society

**these guys are 758439011x’s better live than record, but this music video is sick. Heitor should always carry a lollypop I feel.

Miami Horror (ft Kimbra) - I look to you